• Robert Mason, LCSW

    Robert (Bob) believes that things happen in life: that a mistake or bad judgement should not define a person for life. Behaviors and attitudes which led to harmful consequences can be changed with learning, practice, responsibility and accountability.

    Bob works with court ordered, and self-referred clients. His purpose is to help people recognize and change things which hinder or damage self-functioning, interpersonal relationships and family relationships. He specializes in domestic abuse and anger management treatment. Domestic violence and anger may include alcohol or drug abuse, anger issues, mental health issues and other contributing factors. Personal, family unhappiness, divorce and criminal involvement often result from these factors. He provides treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues. He does evaluations and written reports for attorneys and the courts in Central Kentucky.

    Bob’s approach includes using insights and techniques from therapists such as John Hamel, LCSW and John Potter-Effron, PhD, who are prominent in their fields of domestic violence and anger management. He has a Master of Social Work degree and has worked in the clinical mental health field for many years.

    Bob is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), counselor, Kentucky certified Batterer Intervention Provider and a certified Kentucky DUI Assessor.

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