• Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is a calm state that allows a person to recall memories or be guided to change a behavior. It allows a heightened sensitivity and receptivity to direction and positive change. Hypnosis is used to treat a variety of mental and physical health conditions. It’s used in the treatment of anxiety, depression, overcoming fears and phobias, stress, habit disorders, pain management and many other conditions.

    Hypnosis is not magic. There are many occasions in your daily routine that you enter into a hypnotic state. Watching TV, driving, listening to music, or participating in one of your favorite activities, you enter the “flow” state because you are relaxed. Your ability to relax improves your experience and your receptiveness to the message.

    For most people, you’ll remember everything during and after each session, just like you would from any other normal conversation. You may experience and feel relaxation, calmness, lightness or heaviness. Some people may feel extremely relaxed. A person’s experience will be unique, depending on factors such as their openness to hypnosis and their ability to feel relaxed. During deeper relaxation you might notice subtle mind and body changes, such as changes in breathing patterns, muscle relaxation, and changes in voice. The natural by-products of hypnosis are relaxation and improved clarity.

    During a session you can expect to be sitting in a slightly reclined position with your eyes closed during most of the hypnosis portion. You remain in control. When tension in the mind and body are released, your body’s abilities to effectively give and receive positive information (communication) improves and increases clarity. Your ability to trust yourself and your belief in the healing process are fundamental. Doubt will block any growth process. Your motivation to change is essential in both therapy and hypnosis.

    Most people find hypnosis to be a pleasant and relaxing experience. When we relieve tension from our mind and body, positive results are naturally produced. Although it differs for each individual, research shows that you can see improvement in as few as 4 to 6 sessions, but for lasting change, approximately 12 to 15 sessions are recommended. We give you a plan for your progress, and you’ll learn self-hypnosis techniques to practice hypnosis for yourself.

    According to a recent review in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, hypnosis is “the induction of a state of mind in which a person’s normal critical or skeptical nature is bypassed, allowing for acceptance of suggestions.”  “Researchers who specialize in hypnosis estimate around 10 to 15 percent of adults are highly hypnotizable, 20 percent are completely resistant to hypnosis, and the rest of the population falls somewhere in the middle. Children, however, are almost all highly hypnotizable. According to a recent New York Times article, neuroscientists believe that this is due to brain circuitry that is not mature until adulthood.” -John Hopkins News-Letter.

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